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Char Name Status Image Item Name Type Level Plus Value
BlyadEquippedColossus Blade Ciryons Sun 10D9012+(2) ADV
1ceTeaEquippedGreen Dragon Crescent Blade Ciryons Sun 10D9010+(2) ADV
1ceTeaNo EquippedTiger Bone Shield Ciryons Sun 10D909+(2) ADV
AsunaEquippedYe's Divine Bow Ciryons Sun 10D907
AsunaNo EquippedTiger Bone Shield Ciryons Sun 10D907
BrainFadeEquippedImmortal Edge Ciryons Sun 10D907
g_reszEquippedTiger Bone Shield Ciryons Sun 10D907
AsunaEquippedTaesang Trousers Ciryons Sun 10D926
AsunaEquippedTiger's Eye Necklace Ciryons Sun 10D926
AsunaEquippedTaesang Suit Ciryons Sun 10D926
AsunaEquippedTaesang Shoes Ciryons Sun 10D916
AsunaEquippedTaesang Hat Ciryons Sun 10D916
AsunaEquippedTiger's Eye Earring Ciryons Sun 10D916
LarraEquippedPoison Horn Spear Ciryons Sun 10D908+(2) ADV
AsunaEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D906
AsunaEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D906
AsunaEquippedTaesang Talisman Ciryons Sun 10D906
AsunaEquippedTaesang Wristlet Ciryons Sun 10D906
1ceTeaEquippedTiger's Eye Necklace Ciryons Sun 10D925
1ceTeaEquippedWitacheon Lamellar Ciryons Sun 10D925
1ceTeaEquippedWitacheon Tasset Ciryons Sun 10D925
BlyadEquippedAmber Necklace Ciryons Sun 10D925
g_reszEquippedTiger's Eye Necklace Ciryons Sun 10D925
SunaktraEquippedWitacheon Tasset Ciryons Sun 10D925
SunaktraEquippedWitacheon Lamellar Ciryons Sun 10D925
SunaktraEquippedWitacheon Headgear Ciryons Sun 10D915
SunaktraEquippedWitacheon Boots Ciryons Sun 10D915
ThregonEquippedBlack Casque Ciryons Sun 10D915
1ceTeaEquippedWitacheon Boots Ciryons Sun 10D915
1ceTeaEquippedWitacheon Headgear Ciryons Sun 10D915
1ceTeaEquippedTiger's Eye Earring Ciryons Sun 10D915
PluschkaEquippedSoul Fiend Ciryons Sun 10D907+(2) ADV
NovikNo EquippedSoul Fiend Ciryons Sun 10D905
SunaktraEquippedWitacheon Shell Ciryons Sun 10D905
SunaktraEquippedWitacheon Glove Ciryons Sun 10D905
1ceTeaEquippedWitacheon Shell Ciryons Sun 10D905
1ceTeaEquippedWitacheon Glove Ciryons Sun 10D905
1ceTeaEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D905
1ceTeaEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D905
BlyadEquippedAmber Ring Ciryons Sun 10D905
g_reszEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D905
g_reszEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D905
DragonoEquippedGreen Dragon Crescent Blade Ciryons Sun 10D905
BlyadEquippedValor Composite Tasset Ciryons Sun 10D924
BlyadEquippedValor Composite Mail Ciryons Sun 10D924
BlyadEquippedValor Morion Ciryons Sun 10D914
BlyadEquippedValor Boots Ciryons Sun 10D914
BlyadEquippedAmber Earring Ciryons Sun 10D914
BlyadEquippedAmber Ring Ciryons Sun 10D904
BlyadEquippedValor Alette Ciryons Sun 10D904
BlyadEquippedValor Glove Ciryons Sun 10D904
BlyadNo EquippedHell Breath Ciryons Sun 10D904
BlyadNo EquippedDark Monarch Ciryons Sun 10D904
BlyadNo EquippedEthereal Cane Ciryons Sun 10D904
BlyadNo EquippedGuardian Aegis Ciryons Sun 10D904
ManTarYNo EquippedGuardian Aegis Ciryons Sun 10D904
ManTarYNo EquippedColossus Blade Ciryons Sun 10D904
ThregonEquippedYe's Divine Bow Ciryons Sun 10D904
LarraNo EquippedFerocious Giant Barbaric Sword Normal983
GongiEquippedValor Composite Tasset Ciryons Sun 10D923
GongiEquippedAmber Necklace Ciryons Sun 10D923
GongiEquippedValor Composite Mail Ciryons Sun 10D923
ThregonEquippedTiger's Eye Necklace Ciryons Sun 10D923
ThregonEquippedBlack Armor Ciryons Sun 10D923
ThregonEquippedBlack Hose Ciryons Sun 10D923
ThregonEquippedBlack Footgear Ciryons Sun 10D913
ThregonEquippedTiger's Eye Earring Ciryons Sun 10D913
GongiEquippedValor Boots Ciryons Sun 10D913
GongiEquippedValor Morion Ciryons Sun 10D913
GongiEquippedAmber Earring Ciryons Sun 10D913
SeaKyleEquippedColossus Blade Ciryons Sun 10D905+(2) ADV
SkeletonNo EquippedDark Monarch Ciryons Sun 10D903
SkeletonNo EquippedColossus Blade Ciryons Sun 10D903
SkeletonNo EquippedHell Breath Ciryons Sun 10D903
SkeletonEquippedEthereal Cane Ciryons Sun 10D903
SkeletonEquippedGuardian Aegis Ciryons Sun 10D903
ThregonEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D903
ThregonEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D903
ThregonEquippedBlack Shoulder Ciryons Sun 10D903
ThregonEquippedBlack Bracer Ciryons Sun 10D903
ThregonNo EquippedBreak Heaven Sword Ciryons Sun 10D903
Tom_And_JerYEquippedYe's Divine Bow Ciryons Sun 10D903
GongiEquippedDisaster Cane Ciryons Sun 10D903
GongiEquippedGuardian Aegis Ciryons Sun 10D903
GongiEquippedAmber Ring Ciryons Sun 10D903
GongiEquippedAmber Ring Ciryons Sun 10D903
GongiEquippedValor Alette Ciryons Sun 10D903
GongiEquippedValor Glove Ciryons Sun 10D903
GongiNo EquippedEthereal Cane Ciryons Sun 10D903
FixiNo EquippedGreen Dragon Crescent Blade Ciryons Sun 10D903
DreDayyyEquippedYe's Divine Bow Ciryons Sun 10D903
CockSizeXXLEquippedGiant Barbaric Sword Ciryons Sun 10D903
AyayayaEquippedPoison Horn Spear Ciryons Sun 10D903
LarraNo EquippedTitan Ye's Divine Bow Normal982
Parad0x751No EquippedLord Taesang SuitNormal962
g_reszEquippedTiger's Eye Earring Ciryons Sun 10D912
g_reszEquippedTaesang Hat Ciryons Sun 10D912
ApfelmussEquippedGreen Dragon Crescent Blade Ciryons Sun 10D902
1ceTeaNo EquippedCorundum Earring Ciryons Sun 10D262
DragonoEquippedTaesang Trousers Ciryons Sun 10D921

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Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: Phantasia Tax: 0%

Rules in the Fortress War:

- Disable Blackres in the Fortress
- Disable Clientless Bots inside Fortress
- Entry is Only with ONE Character per PC
- Disable Ressurection Scroll inside Fortress
Server info:

Server info :

Players online: 6/1000
Max online: 13
Experience rate: 10x
Party Experience rate: 15x
Gold drop coeficent: 2x
Item drop coeficent: 2x

Status :

Gateway Server:
Game Server:
Accounts: 65
Characters: 55
Guilds: 3
Rules on Job Mode:
- Disable Ressurection Scroll
- Disable Reserve Return Scroll
- Only With ONE Character per PC
- Disable Goods Drop inside Towns
Ciryon Schedule:
Server Inspection:
Every Saturday 13:00

Next Inspection: loading timer...
Fortress Jangan:
Every Sunday 19:00 - 20:30

Next Fortress: loading timer...
Medusa Spawn:
03:00, 09:00, 15:00, 21:00

Next Spawn: loading timer...
Selket & Neith Spawn:
00:30, 06:30, 12:30, 18:30

Next Spawns: loading timer...
Anubis & Isis Spawn:
03:30, 09:30, 15:30, 21:30

Next Spawns: loading timer...
Cash Lottery:
02:00, 06:00, 11:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00, 23:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Lucky Global:
00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 19:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Search & Destroy:
01:00, 05:00, 10:00, 13:00, 17:00, 20:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Capture the Flag:
00:00, 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Randomly start one of the Events every 1 Hour:
Re-type, Trivia, Lucky Staller, Alchemy, First Type,
Longest Online Player, Math, Lucky Party Number and Survival Arena Colosseum
Ciryon Server Info:
Server Status: HARD
Bots: Allowed
Coin System: Yes
Level Cap: 100
CH Mastery: 330
EU Mastery: 200
Upgrade System: No
China Balance Skill Buff: Yes
Equip: 10D
Auto Equip: No
Play2Win: YES
Experience rate: 10x
Party Experience rate: 15x
Gold drop: 2x
Item drop: 2x
SOX drop: 1x
PK Mode: Deactivated
Magic Box: 1x HARD
PLUS Notice: +8 to +15
Guild Limit: 24
Union Limit: 2
Plus Limit Equip: +13 (with ADV +15)
Plus Limit Devil´s Spirit: +10
Alchemy Rate: 1x
Academy: No
Fortress: Jangan (Every Sunday 19:00 - 20:30)
Fortress Register: (Everydays 12:00 - 21:00)
Capure the Flag: Open
Town Alexandria: Closed
Jangan Cave: Open
Kings Valley: Open
Storm and Cloud Desert: Open
Job Temple: Open (HWID 1)
Forgotten World: Open (HWID 1)
Holy Water Temple: Open (HWID 1) (Beginner)
Arabian Devil´s Garden: Temporarily Closed
Arabian Petra: Temporarily Closed
Arabian Coast: Temporarily Closed
Survival Colosseum Area: Open (HWID 1)
Survival Desert Area: Temporarily Closed
Survival Palace Area: Temporarily Closed
Job / Trading: Old School (HWID 1)
Custom Avatars: Yes
Custom Fellow Pets: Yes
Custom Grab Pets: Yes
Custom Uniques: Yes
Silk Scrolls: Yes
Title Scrolls: Yes
Emoji Skills: Yes
IP Limit: 2
HWID Limit: 2
Wing Bless: Yes
Silk per Hour: No
Start Inventory Slots: 55
Cash Reward by killing Uniques: Yes (5 Silks - 100 Silks)
Model Switcher: (1D - 15D) Only SOX Weapons 10D
- Survival Arenas
- Lucky Global
- Longest Online Players
- Cash Lottery
- Math
- First Type
- Lucky Staller
- Trivia
- Re-type
- Alchemy
- Lucky Party Number
- Search and Destroy