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Char Name Status Image Item Name Type Level Plus Value
SzalajiinEquippedYe's Divine Bow Ciryons Sun 10D9013+(2) ADV
SwissNo EquippedColossus Blade Ciryons Sun 10D9013+(2) ADV
LadySoniaEquippedTaurus Devil's LureNormal9011
aduNo EquippedPoison Horn Spear Ciryons Sun 10D9012+(2) ADV
MissSunnyEquippedYe's Divine Bow Ciryons Sun 10D9012+(2) ADV
aduNo EquippedColossus Blade Ciryons Moon 10D9012+(2) ADV
aduNo EquippedTiger Bone Shield Ciryons Star 10D9012+(2) ADV
TsharanaNo EquippedNormal010
TsharanaEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal9811+(2) ADV
TsharanaEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal9811+(2) ADV
AcidNo EquippedWhite Tiger Bone ShieldNormal9810+(1) ADV
CALL_F_MENo EquippedLepus Ethereal CaneNormal989
JigsawEquippedValor Composite Mail Ciryons Sun 10D9211+(2) ADV
JigsawEquippedGuardian Aegis Ciryons Sun 10D9011+(2) ADV
_ShOwTiMe_EquippedYe's Divine Bow Ciryons Sun 10D9011+(2) ADV
SupeREquippedSoul Fiend Ciryons Sun 10D9011+(2) ADV
SwissEquippedGuardian Aegis Ciryons Sun 10D9011+(2) ADV
ElenoraEquippedSoul Fiend Ciryons Sun 10D9011+(2) ADV
HochspannungEquippedShine Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal10010+(2) ADV
SzalajiinEquippedDivine Witacheon LamellarNormal1009+(1) ADV
CaesarEquippedLepus Amber EarringNormal9910+(2) ADV
HochspannungEquippedDivine Witacheon BootsNormal9910+(2) ADV
MissSunnyEquippedShine Tiger's Eye EarringNormal9910+(2) ADV
TsharanaEquippedDivine Witacheon BootsNormal999+(1) ADV
CaesarEquippedLepus Valor BootsNormal999+(1) ADV
CaesarEquippedLepus Valor MorionNormal999+(1) ADV
SwissEquippedLepus Valor CoronetNormal999+(1) ADV
SzalajiinEquippedDivine Witacheon BootsNormal999+(1) ADV
HooDMasterEquippedKing Taesang ShoesNormal999+(1) ADV
SzalajiinEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal9810+(2) ADV
SzalajiinEquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal9810+(2) ADV
ZeusEquippedLepus Amber RingNormal9810+(2) ADV
ZeusEquippedLepus Amber RingNormal9810+(2) ADV
CaesarEquippedLepus Amber RingNormal9810+(2) ADV
LyndsyEquippedLepus Soul FiendNormal9810+(2) ADV
JigsawEquippedLepus Valor GloveNormal989+(1) ADV
ScarfaceEquippedLepus Soul FiendNormal989+(1) ADV
TsharanaEquippedDivine Witacheon ShellNormal989+(1) ADV
ChewEquippedLepus Guardian AegisNormal989+(1) ADV
ChewbaccaEquippedLepus Guardian AegisNormal989+(1) ADV
SawEquippedLepus Soul FiendNormal989+(1) ADV
CaesarEquippedLepus Valor GloveNormal989+(1) ADV
ZeusNo EquippedLepus Guardian AegisNormal989+(1) ADV
LemEquippedVenom Poison Horn SpearNormal989+(1) ADV
LemNo EquippedWhite Tiger Bone ShieldNormal989+(1) ADV
CALL_F_YOUEquippedTitan Ye's Divine Bow Normal989+(1) ADV
aduroEquippedWhite Tiger Bone ShieldNormal989+(1) ADV
RanunculusEquippedWhite Tiger Bone ShieldNormal989+(1) ADV
ValdiEquippedLepus Guardian AegisNormal988
KatiaEquippedLepus Guardian AegisNormal988
ZeusEquippedLepus Valor AletteNormal988
SwissEquippedLepus Valor GloveNormal988
CALL_F_MEEquippedLepus Valor AletteNormal988
Edjka1985EquippedTaesang Trousers Ciryons Sun 10D9210+(2) ADV
_ShOwTiMe_EquippedTaesang Trousers Ciryons Sun 10D9210+(2) ADV
HochspannungEquippedWitacheon Tasset Ciryons Sun 10D9210+(2) ADV
SwissEquippedValor Composite Mail Ciryons Sun 10D9210+(2) ADV
SwissEquippedAmber Necklace Ciryons Sun 10D9210+(2) ADV
HochspannungEquippedTiger's Eye Earring Ciryons Sun 10D9110+(2) ADV
HochspannungEquippedWitacheon Coronet Ciryons Moon 10D9110+(2) ADV
HochspannungEquippedTiger's Eye Ring Ciryons Sun 10D9010+(2) ADV
Edjka1985EquippedGiant Barbaric Sword Ciryons Sun 10D9010+(2) ADV
Edjka1985EquippedTiger Bone Shield Ciryons Sun 10D9010+(2) ADV
CALL_F_MEEquippedSoul Fiend Ciryons Sun 10D9010+(2) ADV
BlyatEquippedNight Wings Ciryons Sun 10D9010+(2) ADV
FamousEquippedNight Wings Ciryons Sun 10D9010+(2) ADV
FamousNo EquippedImmortal Edge Ciryons Sun 10D9010+(2) ADV
SwissNo EquippedHell Breath Ciryons Moon 10D9010+(2) ADV
NoobyEquippedSoul Fiend Ciryons Moon 10D9010+(2) ADV
aduroEquippedGiant Barbaric Sword Ciryons Moon 10D909+(1) ADV
SwissNo EquippedDark Monarch Ciryons Star 10D9010+(2) ADV
TrollAmBuShEquippedLepus Amber NecklaceNormal1009+(2) ADV
CALL_F_MEEquippedLepus Valor Composite MailNormal1009+(2) ADV
_ShOwTiMe_EquippedShine Tiger's Eye NecklaceNormal1009+(2) ADV
JigsawEquippedLepus Amber NecklaceNormal1009+(2) ADV
BlyatEquippedLepus Valor Composite MailNormal1008+(1) ADV
SzalajiinEquippedDivine Witacheon TassetNormal1008+(1) ADV
TrollAmBuShEquippedLepus Valor Composite TassetNormal1007
Serilu_EquippedDivine Witacheon LamellarNormal1007
Serilu_EquippedDivine Witacheon TassetNormal1007
CALL_F_MEEquippedLepus Valor Composite TassetNormal1007
SpicyEquippedLepus Amber NecklaceNormal1007
CALL_F_MEEquippedLepus Amber EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
JigsawEquippedLepus Amber EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
_ShOwTiMe_EquippedShine Tiger's Eye EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
FalscherHaseEquippedLepus Amber EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
BlyatEquippedLepus Amber EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
TsharanaEquippedShine Tiger's Eye EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
TrollAmBuShEquippedLepus Amber EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
ZeusEquippedLepus Amber EarringNormal999+(2) ADV
BlyatEquippedLepus Valor BootsNormal998+(1) ADV
BlyatEquippedLepus Valor CoronetNormal998+(1) ADV
FalscherHaseEquippedLepus Valor MorionNormal998+(1) ADV
JigsawEquippedLepus Valor CoronetNormal998+(1) ADV
JigsawEquippedLepus Valor BootsNormal998+(1) ADV
JigsawEquippedLepus Amber RingNormal989+(2) ADV
JigsawEquippedLepus Amber RingNormal989+(2) ADV
_ShOwTiMe_EquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal989+(2) ADV
_ShOwTiMe_EquippedShine Tiger's Eye RingNormal989+(2) ADV
FalscherHaseEquippedLepus Valor GloveNormal989+(2) ADV

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Fortress Status:
Fortress Guild Tax
Jangan: _Phantasia_ Tax: 10%

Rules in the Fortress War:

- Disable Blackres in the Fortress
- Disable Clientless Bots inside Fortress
- Entry is Only with ONE Character per PC
- Disable Ressurection Scroll inside Fortress
Server info:

Server Info:

Experience rate: 10x
Party Experience rate: 15x
Gold drop coeficent: 2x
Item drop coeficent: 2x


Gateway Server:
Game Server:


Register: Klick Here
Discord: Klick Here
ElitePvP: Klick Here
Facebook: Klick Here
Streamers: Klick Here

Rules on Job Mode:
- Only HWID 1
- Disable Ressurection Scroll
- Disable Reserve Return Scroll
- Disable Fellow Pets on Job Suite
- Disable Goods Drop inside Towns
- No Silk Reward for Unique kills with Job Suite
Ciryon´s Schedule:
Server Inspection:
Every Saturday 13:00

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Fortress Jangan:
Every Sunday 19:30 - 21:00

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Medusa Spawn:
03:00, 09:00, 15:00, 21:00

Next Spawn: loading timer...
Selket & Neith Spawn:
00:30, 06:30, 12:30, 18:30

Next Spawns: loading timer...
Anubis & Isis Spawn:
03:30, 09:30, 15:30, 21:30

Next Spawns: loading timer...
Cash Lottery:
02:00, 06:00, 11:00, 14:00, 18:00, 22:00, 23:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Lucky Global:
00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, 16:00, 19:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Search & Destroy:
01:00, 05:00, 10:00, 13:00, 17:00, 20:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Special Trade:
00:00, 03:00, 08:00, 12:00, 20:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Capture the Flag:
00:00, 02:00, 04:00, 06:00, 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00

Next Event: loading timer...
Randomly start one of the Events every 1 Hour:
Re-type, Trivia, Lucky Staller, Alchemy, First Type,
Longest Online Player, Math, Lucky Party Number and Survival Arena Colosseum
Ciryon´s Server Info:
Server Status: HARD
Bots: Allowed
Coin System: Yes
Level Cap: 100
CH Mastery: 330
EU Mastery: 200
Upgrade System: No
China Balance Skill Buff: Yes
Equip: 10D
Auto Equip: No
Play2Win: YES
Experience rate: 10x
Party Experience rate: 15x
Gold Drop rate: 2x
Item Drop rate: 2x
SOX Drop rate: 1x
PK Mode: Deactivated
Magic Box rate: 1x HARD
PLUS Notice: +8 to +13
Guild Limit: 24
Union Limit: 2
Plus Limit Equip: +11 (with ADV-B +13)
Plus Limit Devil´s Spirit: +10
Alchemy Rate: 1x
Academy: No
Fortress: Jangan (Every Sunday 19:00 - 20:30)
Fortress Register: (Everydays 12:00 - 21:00)
Capure the Flag: Open
Town Alexandria: Closed
Jangan Cave: Open
Kings Valley: Open
Storm and Cloud Desert: Open
Job Temple: Open (HWID 1)
Forgotten World: Open (HWID 1)
Holy Water Temple: Open (HWID 2) (Beginner)
Devil´s Garden: Open
Arabian Petra: Temporarily Closed
Arabian Coast: Temporarily Closed
Survival Colosseum Area: Open (HWID 1)
Survival Desert Area: Temporarily Closed
Unique Arena: Open
Job / Trading: Old School (HWID 1)
Custom Avatars: Yes
Custom Fellow Pets: Yes
Custom Grab Pets: Yes
Custom Uniques: Yes
Silk Scrolls: Yes
Title Scrolls: Yes
Emoji Skills: Yes
IP Limit: 2
HWID Limit: 2
Wing Bless: Yes
Silk per Hour: No
Start Inventory Slots: 55
Cash Reward by killing Uniques: Yes (5 Silks - 100 Silks)
Model Switcher: (1D - 15D) Only SOX Weapons 10D
- Survival Arenas
- Lucky Global
- Longest Online Players
- Cash Lottery
- Math
- First Type
- Lucky Staller
- Trivia
- Re-type
- Alchemy
- Lucky Party Number
- Search and Destroy